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Function of incense

​燒 香

The function of incense  燒香的功用

The Function of Burning Incense

Incense is made of wood powder and some added spices, medicines, and binders. It works by burning and is mainly used in Buddhist and Taoist ceremonies. Buddhism and Taoism believe that Gods can inhale fragrance, so burning incense in front of statues and Gods has the meaning of making offerings. Because the smoke is rising to the sky, it is a symbol of conveying the sky, so people will hold incense and pray to make a wish, praying for the heaven to listen.


Sandalwood and agarwood are widely used in Buddhism and Taoism. Taoism believes that sandalwood and agarwood are holy things that can penetrate the three realms.
The aroma of sandalwood is more lingering, and the effect of opening and resuscitating in an instant. Sandalwood has a calming effect.
Compared with the calm and introverted agarwood, the aroma of sandalwood is more diffusive and the scent is stronger, which belongs to clear-aroma. Rich fragrant, warm and bright, it can relieve many symptoms caused by depression, insomnia, nervousness and stress, and has an aphrodisiac effect, which can treat frigidity.
The aroma of sandalwood comes from the oil secreted by the tree glands. When the tree matures, the whole body of the sandalwood tree emits fragrance. Therefore, closer to the heart of the tree, the better aroma.

The aroma of agarwood is relatively calm, and it has a good effect of clearing up and opening up. Agarwood has a very good calming effect.
Agarwood has the effect of refreshing and nourishing the brain. When you feel drowsy during office work, or when you are upset and depressed, you can light agarwood to calm your body and mind. It can also relieve distracting thoughts and relieve fatigue. Agarwood has a feeling of rushing in the nasal cavity, and it has the effect of opening the orifices. In addition, agarwood is a pure positive thing, and it can be used in the workplace to far away the evils, and can also increase the charm of the personal magnetic field.
Pure natural agarwood has a light and elegant scent, and smelling more natural fragrance will make you feel comfortable and full of energy. The natural agarwood fragrance enters the body, which can really feel refreshing and joyful physically and mentally.

















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