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Coil Incense

High quality agarwood and sandalwood joss stick  incense, incense sticks and incense coils. A great communication sacred object for Taoism and Buddhism. 


Sandalwood and agarwood are commonly used in Buddhism or Taoism. Taoists believe that sandalwood and agarwood are sacred objects that can communicate with the three realms.
The scent of sandalwood is more stringy, and the effect of clearing and resuscitating in an instant is better. Sandalwood has a soothing effect.
Sandalwood also has analgesic function, which can relieve pain and calm down to a certain extent. Sandalwood can be appetizing and relieving pain in mid-temperature. It can be used for cold coagulation, qi stagnation, chest pain, abdominal pain, stomach pain, lack of food; coronary heart disease, angina pectoris. In addition, sandalwood has a good antiseptic and beauty effect, and has a good effect on acne, skin aging, dehydration, roughness and chapped skin. "Rihuazi Materia Medica" records sandalwood: "Cure heartache, cholera. Kidney Qi and abdominal pain, concentrated decoction; water rubbing the external kidney and waist and kidney pain." Sandalwood has good anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects, and can sterilize and purify the air.
Compared with the calm and introverted agarwood, sandalwood has a more diffuse fragrance and a stronger taste. It belongs to Mingxiang. If agarwood represents the temperament of the Chinese, then sandalwood is undoubtedly full of European and American colors. Fragrant, fragrant, warm and bright, it can alleviate many symptoms caused by depression, insomnia, nervousness and stress, and has an aphrodisiac effect, which can treat indifference.
The scent of sandalwood comes from the oil secreted by the tree glands. When the tree matures, the whole sandalwood tree will be fragrant. Therefore, the closer the part to the center of the tree, the better the scent.


Buddhism believes that agarwood is the only sacred object that can communicate with the three realms. The fragrance of agarwood is relatively stable, and the effect of clearing and resuscitation is very good. Agarwood has a good soothing effect.
Agarwood is a convenient and simple way to taste incense. Agarwood has a soothing effect on nerves and has a good conditioning effect on insomnia and dreaminess. The scent of agarwood can clear the odor of the room and purify the environment. Just before going to bed, light an agarwood to help sleep. Natural agarwood will have a sweet scent when it is lit. This sweet scent can increase the body's phytophagine when breathing into the body The secretion of peptides. Endorphins are neurotransmitters that help the body deal with pain, stress and emotions. They make people feel happy. When you smell the sweet agarwood aroma, the increase of endorphins in the body can relieve stress and relax nerves, which will help calm the nerves and help sleep.
Agarwood has the effect of refreshing and nourishing the brain. When you are sleepy during office work, or when you are upset and depressed, you can use Agarwood to calm your body and mind. Eliminate distracting thoughts, you can also invigorate the mind and relieve fatigue. Agarwood has the sensation of channeling in the nasal cavity and has the effect of easing the orifice. In addition, agarwood is a pure yang thing, and it can be used in the workplace to be far away from the villain. It can also increase the charm of personal magnetic field.
The natural fragrance is very light and elegant, and more natural fragrance will make you feel comfortable and full of energy. The natural agarwood aroma penetrates into the body, which can truly feel refreshing and pleasant for the body and mind.

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