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Amulet and Talisman sets

Blessed amulet and talisman provided by five major temples in Taiwan. Six-character Mantra Jingfu and Taoist talisman for warding off evils. 

How do you encounter evil spirits and ghosts invading?

Generally speaking, there are three types of reasons why evil spirits and ghosts invade the human body: health, causality, and cause and effect.
Health category: In addition to physical health, there is also spiritual health. Some people have special natural physique, or because of environmental factors that cause nerve sensitivity, or are more sensitive to diseases (or even hallucinations due to illness). People who are severely ill are also susceptible to evil spirits and evil spirits, and evil spirits and evil spirits will The spiritual god who eats the weak from normal people. People who have evil thoughts in their hearts are also vulnerable to evil spirits invading them to seize spirits and spirits.
Causality: Humans and spirits may have some fate with each other, some ghosts may have some wishes that need help from someone, and they will look for someone with a certain fate to help. Some ghosts are produced by individuals calling for ghosts, spiritism, disc fairy or psychic disk... etc. to summon ghosts and evil spirits. There are also people who go to vicious places with a playful heart, leading to bad consequences that are surrounded by evil spirits. It is recommended to resolve it through repentance, Taoism reconciliation, and Buddhism transcendence.
Causality: Individuals who have been troubled by evil karma in previous lives are called innocent creditors. Injustice creditors come because of the bad karma owed by the individual in previous lives, and they are legal in the spiritual world to collect debts. There are also people who kill and sacrifice to ghosts and gods who use curses to injure people and are backlashed. They call out ghosts and evil spirits through some spells. Evil spirits and spirits can come into the world to interact with people, and naturally they will not want to leave. The pharmacist has taught that "the evil spirits and evil spirits will want to eat human essence and blood." It is recommended to repent and do good deeds, reconciliation of Taoism, Buddhist ceremonies, or chanting the Buddha.
There are evil spirits in the residences. It is often the accidents of these evil residences that these places become dangerous residences. The evil spirits in these dangerous places cannot be driven away. There must be causal factors. These causal factors can definitely be resolved without chanting or usage. , Should avoid interference, avoid getting into trouble for the upper body. If it is to buy a haunted house, it will be more complicated. It is recommended to use Dao-fa reconciliation, Buddhist rituals, or ask Daoist Buddhist masters for assistance.

Taoism, Buddhism, Bible, Exorcism and Avoiding Evil Viewpoint
The Taoist method of exorcising evil spirits has the means of "reconciliation, sweeping, suppressing, surrendering, and killing." In order to reconcile with evil spirits, they will not violate each other. Sweeping is to expel evil spirits so that they dare not approach their homes or their bodies. Zhen is the use of magical tools to suppress demons so that they cannot leave the enchantment. It is reduced to ask the righteous god to subdue the evil spirits and become the protector of the gods. Killing is to eliminate or destroy the evil spirits and demons so that they do not exist in the spirit world.
Buddhism's exorcism and avoiding evil spirits are mainly based on surrender. Buddhism emphasizes compassion to all living beings. When people are disturbed, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas will surrender demons with great power to protect both sides. The same will also allow the perpetrators to temporarily reject and isolate them. Or calm down. The so-called surrender refers to suppression, and obedience refers to obedience, suppressing evil spirits, evil thoughts and evil deeds, and enticing them to change the good ones, which is called obedience. This is the core method of the Dharma to exorcise evil and avoid evil.

Guanyin Talisman

Guanyin Jingfu, also known as "Six-character Mantra Jingfu", is a kind of talisman used in Taoism, Buddhism, and Chinese folk beliefs. It has the function of warding off evil. Guanyin Jingfu is a common folk amulet in Eastern countries. It is easy for believers to travel abroad, work in special places, or go to cemeteries and funeral homes. They are easy to be infected with evil spirits. They are worn to ensure safety. They are widely used in funerals. .

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Taoism Talisman

The method of using Taoist Promise Jingfu is the same as Guanyin Jingfu: Hanging, carrying, and purifying water "yin and yang water", the effect is the same. In addition, it is often used to call on related gods. The believers can drive away the evil spirits attached to the believers, so that the believers can restore the healthy three souls and seven souls to improve the health of the mind and body, and the fortune is smooth.



In Eastern folk beliefs, amulets can bring good luck to the owner or protect the owner, so that he can avoid bad luck and ghosts. Different human races have different beliefs in amulets according to their own cultures. The Chinese Taoist talisman is the main amulet of China and Asian countries. Amulets are used for different purposes, but this website only sells peace amulets representing palaces and temples in Taiwan.
The amulet obtained from the temple is a token that symbolizes the gods in the temple, and it also has the power of spells. If the believer encounters a crisis and there is no nearby god to protect him, the temple god will sense it through the peace talisman, and use the peace amulet to protect the believer's body. And this rune is a symbol of the gods and can deter evil spirits.

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